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Sclerosing lymphangitis

It has been almost a week now that i have spotted a small lump under my penis skin,just between the gland and the shaft.The lump is about 1,5-2 cm long(it is roughly the same size as the beginning,i don't know if it grew or not),it has vein-like shape,it can be slightly moved and it cause no pain(unless pushing it too much).Also,there isn't any skin color change.
After much research,i almost certain that it is "Penile sclerosing lymphangitis".The articles stated that it can be caused by intense masturbation,sexual intercourse and even by viruses etc.I am almost certain that in my case it was caused by masturbation,as i haven't had sex,and also my general health is fine,so i suspect that a virus is not a problem.Most importantly,i recall having similar lumps in the past,though they disappeared quickly.
So,my question is:
From my description,do you think that i indeed experience "sclerosing lymphangitis"?If yes,is this going to disappear automatically on its own or do i need to get medication/consult a specialist?And finally,if it is indeed going to disappear automatically,when is it going to happen?

Thanks a lot in advance
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Sounds like that. Did it go away eventually?
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