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Hi Dear Sir,

Thais is Zubair(25 ) from India , Sir I am so much deppressed about my sexual health, Actually my penis length is as big as it was at the time when I was at 12 , so before 5 years one of my friends suggested to do masturbution , so I started doing the same  after some times ,I suffered with less libodo, orgasm, weekness in penis and  whenever now I try to do with my girl friend ,semon comes out before pentration , I am really nerves and some time feel to kill myself ,can you help in  gaining  my lost sexual energy .

Thanks & Regards
PhD student

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Masterbation is not bad. It shows that you are sexually active.
About low erection:
Stop masterbation for a month.
Do exercises for your penis.
Apply a cloth or napkin dipped in hot --- hot water to your penis.
And than strech it on every side (Top, bottom, right and left), remember don't press hard the nerve that is running along the penis. Strech every side as much you can for 3-4 min.
And see the results within 2 days.
I am sure you will continue this exercise for the whole month.
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The normal penis size is 5.1–5.9 inches.For increasing the size of penis,apart from jelquing penis stretching and kegel exercises are also useful.Other methods include using penis stretchers or extenders or getting surgery done.Rest the erectile dysfunction that you are having seems to be psychological in nature.It can be due to stress and anxiety,poor communication with your partner, unrealistic sexual expectations, which make sex a task rather than a pleasure,negative feelings about non performance,smoking, alcohol and sometimes illicit drugs and medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or thyroid conditions, poor circulation, low testosterone, depression or spinal or neurological causes.i would suggest you to consult a psychologist and if the symptoms persist then get other medical causes ruled out. Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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hi everybody... im just a bit curious about what i've always experiencing... i mean, me and my husband have intercurse sometime at nigth then when i woke up in the morning and stand up... i noticed that i feel wet down under..
i think its the sperms of my husband coming out on me, and i have a thoughts that this maybe my problem why until now i am not getting pregnant..
please if ever someone could understand what am i tryin to say
please give me an advice about this problem... thank you so much....
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I am 33 years male, I had UTI related problems three months back and and about year and half back i have been experiencing some kind of sensation on the head of my pennis. it has actually stopped sometimes back but again i m having the same feel inside my pennis. nowadays i have lost my libido and cant perform sex on regular basis. even if i try it regularly pennis gets slack and my wife complains about it. she si advising me to visit doc but i m not sure and confused to whom to show my problem. i mean what kind of doctor. and one more thing i even see darkening of my pennis from one side. because of all this problem i m deeply worried thinking about it on daily basis. doc if u could give me some advice on this matter i would be very grateful to you.

thanking you
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