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Should I fix my twisting testicle with surgery?

I am a 21 year old Italian man (sorry for any language mistakes) and I have been experiencing in the last 3 years episodes of rotation in my right testicle. It started after one night I face down masturbated (stroking against the matress while in prone position) and felt a discomfort in my right testicle. I went to the bathroom to check and in the mirror I noticed it was in an unusual position. After that night and in the following days/months I started to pay attention to its condition and position and found that it usually turns 180 degrees (i can very well feel with my hand the epididimis in the front), when I notice that behaviour I attempt (and usually succeed) in manually restoring it in its natural position (with the epididimis facing backwards).
I believe that after that night something changed in my right testicle and since then it moves much more. Also, when i touch it during the day to understand its current position i usually find it in a slightly rotated place (usually 45 degrees, never less than that)
The left one is always in the same position: never once in these years i found it even remotely rotated by the same amounts.
The rotation, when it occurs, always feels painless, but I got to the point where i fear that every unusual movement i take could make it rotate more than usual. Also i fear the day where it could make a full 360 degrees turn without me noticing, putting me closer to a dangerous situation where the blood could stop correctly flowing. This situation alternates between being a nuisance and a reason to feel anxious.
So I'd like to ask: can it ever get to a point where it turns too much and the blood stops flowing or does that happen only to certain individuals with specific deformities (that i dont believe i have since the left one is fine and the right one stated acting weird only after i mechanically stressed it that night)?
should i surgically fix it in place and just forget about this? how is it even possible that a face down masturbation changed the behaviour of the testicle this much without it returning "normal" by its own?
Thank you for your time and patience.
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Good advice from CHIN_C. I believe testicular torsion (which could possibly be the issue) can sometimes become critical in that blood flow to the testicle is cut off. Please see a Urologist & get this checked our.

Also, there are many articles you can find online about the negative effects of prone masturbation. It’s prbly OK to do this on occasion, but apparently it’s not a good idea to make it your usual routine.

As always, check back in here & let us know what’s found - the follow-up info will be helpful to both readers & those offering advice...
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Some males are born with no tissue holding the testes to the scrotum, known as bell clapper deformity. This is a predisposing factor to testicular torsion. You should consult a urologist to discuss risks, benefits, and alternatives to surgery.
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