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Sudden swell/tenderness on right testicle

I suddenly felt discomfort on my testicle and later found that my right testicle is swollen or somewhat kind of a bulge on the lower part.. it does not hurt or give pain but a discomfort can be felt around the area of my right testicle even down to my legs. I did not experienced pain in urinating or during ejaculation..A urologist was consulted over the phone and gave me Gentamicina iM injection (4days), Doxicycline (10days) and Naproxeno (5days).. the discomfort lessen & the swell disappeared about 10days after the treatment with application of ice packs in my right testicle from time to time... I tried ejaculation aftr about the 20th day to see f ejaculation will hurt but still in normal feeling, however, i noticed that about 10-12hour after ejaculation, the discomfort on my right testicle and around it down to my legs would again be felt then i would put ice packs and the discomfort lessens or disappears.
It’s been 2 months now and i still feel the same thing. I was not given additional medication as the doctor said they found no signs of infection or abnormality during a physical check on my right testicle and around it. Did someone experienced the same? What kind of disease do you guys think i have.. How long will it take to at least be feel normal again? Am i healed/healing or do i still need additional medication?  the doctor said mine was not sexually transmitted as per my symptoms.
Any suggestions or experienced will be much appreciated. I work sea-based and I can not see a urologist right away.

Thank you
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There are various causes of scrotal swelling/tenderness, including but not limited to tumor, torsion, orchitis, epididymitis, epididymal cyst/spermatocele, varicocele, hydrocele, and/or hernia. If your symptoms persist, consider scrotal ultrasound.
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Thank you chin for your time. Your informative response gave some insights on what might be going on. Will definitely see a urologist & will do tests as soon as possible.
For now, discomfort has lessen with continuous ice packs application. Hope it will totally disappear.

Anyway, thank you again for your response.
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Have you had any imaging of it? If you are sea-based, it sounds like probably not, but that would be the next step.

It could be something structural, like a varicocele, which is a varicose vein in your scrotum - https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/varicocele/symptoms-causes/syc-20378771 This has info on a specific type of physical exam to look for it.

I don't think you should take any more antibiotics without getting any lab testing done. I agree that it doesn't sound like an STD.

When are you getting off the boat? Any time soon?
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Thank you for your time auntie Jess. Will visit the link you provided. Anyhow, yes I haven't had any imaging of my testicle, they did however took blood & urine test from my 1st visit to a general clinic, No urologist was present during that time so they made some calls & the urologist suggested I might have orchitis.  Then they gave me those antibiotics w/c I took as prescribed. Then 2 days ago I went back to the same clinic for a follow-up check as the discomfort was still going on & off for about 2months now. Again no urologist was present, the general doctor then physically examined my testicle & around it, found no abnormality w/c I agree, only the discomfort I feel was the thing that I was complaining.  I myself could not actually describe the discomfort that's why the doctor then advised to just continue with the ice packs if it helps. They did not prescribed any medicines as no infection was observed during their phys. check (No lab tests was done during this time).

I apologize for the details of my response as someone might stumble into this and can make comments/suggestions.

Anyway, thank you again for your time. Much appreciated.
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