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Sudden urge to urinate

I have noticed lately the urge to urinate comes on suddenly and strong. It doesn't gradually build up anymore. One moment I am fine and then 10 seconds later I feel like I am going to burst. Any thoughts.
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There are some dfferentials when urgency in urination is noted: urinary tract infection and urge incontinence .

I suggest you seek consult with a urologist so that proper assesment be done. A urinalysis may be able to determine if an infection is present or urinary stones are a possible  cause of your  symptoms.Further assessment by your physician will be able to determine if incontinence is present.

Are there any associated straining on urination, a burning pain during urination, dribbling of the urine. Does laughing or coughing also cause urine to spill?

Keep us posted regarding physician's advice.
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nothing like that, but I do have a history of kidney stones, last one was in 1999.
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