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Tested Neg for STD's but still having alot of issues.

So about 2-3 weeks ago i started having burning urination, It started out only as a small area at the base of my penis inside my Ureathra that was burning and got worse shortly after that i when trying to massage it cause of the irritation i got a discharge( only happens if i milk it out) and its a white semen like color. I went to the doctors and explained it all to them and they gave me 2 weeks of Doxy and Phena, aswell as a urinary test.  They didn't give me any other details about the test they just called me and said that i was negative of any STD and that it  came back normal. I only took the Phena for 3 days until my symptoms went away completely( Which they did ) Untill now. Its been about 4-6 days off my anti-biotics im pretty sure and if i am not peeing clear from being so hydrated it burns. And now i am getting white discharge aswell and its not from just milking it.

I have a couple ideas of what this could be from, I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend maybe a week before all this( but we live together and i am pretty sure she is faithful ), and also 4 days before this all started happening i took a bath( I had cleaned the bathtub the day before with lysol all purpose cleaner lemon scented and i used a lot ( The bath was pretty dirty) I feel like there might have still been cleaner in the bathtub, but i also have jets in the tub that are very hard to clean and i live in the south so a reddish substance sticks to the tub, toilet, and sink if not cleaned regularly so for all i know i just loosened up some bacteria and it got up my ureathra during the bathtub. I honestly don't know though and this is really starting to scare me. PLEASE HELP. I will strongly appreciate any and all answers.
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PLEASE i need some help :( I now have a sore throat and im getting small fevers and i still havent gotten my appointment to a urologist
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