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Treatment for ballooning foreskin in 5 month old

We chose to not circumcise 5 month old son when he was born.  In the past 6 weeks, we've noticed (only 3 times) during diaper changes that his foreskin is ballooning.  It seems to be filled with urine because if squeezed gently, urine will come out  He doesn't have a fever, drainage, or shows signs of discomfort when this has happened.  His foreskin consistently extends 1cm past his glans and foreskin opening is quite small.  We've been to a pediatric urologist and his suggestions were to either "hope" and "cross our fingers" that he doesn't have any problems with UTI's/other complications or to have circumcision done.  We don't have intentions to have circumcion done and this doctor insisted that there was no other treatment.  We've seen information about a steroid cream that can be applied to the foreskin.  This urologist insisted that the cream had to be applied to the glans and without being able to retract the foreskin, we would not be able to use the cream.  We're not sure what the correct information is and if this ballooning is really something to be concerned about.  
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This ballooning depicts that your son is suffering from phimosis and the definitive treatment for the same is circumcision only. Hence, I’ll suggest you to follow the advice given by the urologist and get the circumcision done. Using a steroid cream etc is only a temporary treatment and unless & until the root cause is taken care of (phimosis), the problem will keep on recurring. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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It is common for a young boy to have some ballooning. This does not allways mean that circumcision is required. At the age that your son is at the foreskin has not yet seperated from the glans. In some males this might not even take place untill the boy is about 4 to 6 years old. Should the foreskin not retract by the age of 6, then circumcision should be considered. At this age the circumcision takes a bit longer to heal, but it should not be a problem.
My younger brother had to be circumcised at the age of about 6. Two weeks after the circumcision he no longer complained about discomfort.

You are a caring parent for not having your son circumcised at birth. Giving your son the choice should he decide to desire to get circumcised at a later age. Therfore it will be his choice and not your's.

All the best.
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No treatment is required.  

Ballooning is normal.  

Only the owner should ever try to retract a foreskin.  The AAP says "Clean only what is seen.  Leave it alone."
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