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Ultrasound shows lump in testicle..Cancer?

Posted By Lisa on August 10, 1999 at 10:43:21

Hi.  My 42 year old boyfriend has had flair ups of pain in his right testicle, on and off for about 8months.  His testicle is very painful to the touch, and aches constantly.  the pain radiates up his groin area just to the bottom of the navel.  He also has low center back pain.  These flair ups seem to come every couple of months, each time being more painful than the previous. the pain seems diminishes after a few weeks, but he doesnt feel like it has totally gone away in between flairups.   when this first started 89 months ago, his doctor did an exam and diagnosed him with prostatitis, and gave him antibiotics.  The pain got so bad that he went to the doctor yesterday, and in the Doctor's exam, he found a lump in the testicle.  He was very concerned and ordered an ultrasound asap.  The ultrasound showed a lump, and after evaluation, they determined it to be epididymitis.  He was given antibiotics and some other meds and was referred to a Urologist just to have a second opinion on the diagnosis.  I am so thankful that they determined this to be epididymitis, but am still concerned about testicular cancer.  My questions are as follows:
1.  Does it sound more like epididymitis to you then it does cancer?
2.  How can they tell from the ultrasound that it isnt cancer?
3.  How reliable is that test.
4.  They also did a PSA Test..Does that mean they are concerned about cancer, or are they just being safe?
5.  Is there a good chance that the antibiotics will clear it up if it is epididymitis?  And if it doesn't, is surgery necessary?
Thanks for for your help, I appreciate your forum.

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