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Undescendent testicles

Hi, My son is 7 months, his left testicle hasn't dropped. Pediatricians and Urologists say he must have surgery. My question is for people with the same circumstances. What do you think I should do? Surgery or not surgery? My gut feeling tells me not to, but I don't want to regret, since the medical opinion is different.
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I agree that he should have surgery to bring down the undescended testicle.  You may be able to put the operation off for a while, so you could inquire about the timing.  Are they sure that he has an undescended testicle and was not just born without the second one?    
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A compromise might be to wait until your son is over a year old. Also, it might be useful to know where exactly that testicle is. This can usually be ascertained via ultrasound scan. Or in warm surroundings it may be possible to gently palpate over his inguinal canal and feel the testicle in there.  
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