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Varacocelles and testicle pain, is this normal?

The reason I ask this, is that I had these issues and ED, my urologist prescribed a penile injection, but said varacocelles was because my age, 56 and the testicle pain he looked at them for 30 seconds and said they were normal. My son had testi cancer x2 just a bit nervous
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Lots of different things can cause testicular pain.  Varicoceles is similar to varicose veins someone might get in your legs.  If it didn't hurt, a lot of people don't do anything about it.  That you have pain, they are probably going to recommend treating it.  You can have a Varicocelectomy which is same day surgery that removes it, varicocele embolization whih is the injections that is recommended to you.  That's far less invasive.  I'd start there.   Try not to be nervous.  You are under medical care and they will take good care of you.  Sorry about your son's cancer.  He sounds young to be diagnosed with that.  https://www.healthline.com/health/varicocele#outlook
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Thanks appreciate the input. #StaySafe.
you're welcome.  You stay safe too!
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