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Varicocele and medical marihuana

  Hello, I am looking for advice regarding Medical Marijuana and Varicocele I had surgery for varicocele (varicocelectomy) 13 days ago. Last night the I did smoking just 2 hits and I started to feel my left testicle  inflated and my pelvis too

Hard swelling last 24 hours, being the first 1 hour really intense pain

2 more days passed and they still feel some swelling and heat in the left testicle

I have smoked for about 20 years and it is very difficult to stop.

I want to know if I can smoke again in the future and for how long I must wait?

I live in Mexico and the doctors who consulted on the matter they not approve the use of Marijuana, therefore are not interested in this aspect also discrimination and therefore NO SUPPORT

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Thank you but...

You know if I can smoke again in the future?
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You admit your body is telling you to stop, but you want a different answer?  There is only one logical answer.  Marijuana is not a necessity.  I suggest you stop spoiling yourself and be responsible so your body can heal.  This is not really a problem except of self-control, and you are the only one in charge of that.  
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