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Varicocelectomy recovery and hematoma

I had a microsurgical sub-inguinal varicocele surgery exactly 4 weeks ago.  I had a ton of swelling/bruising and minimal pain (have needed no pain meds).  I still have a rather large swelling in my left side of the scrotum and in a line connecting from the incision site.  I'd estimate that completely it is the size of a small banana.  I had my follow-up and my dr. said it was a hematoma and I need to rest a couple more weeks.  I've been good about bed rest--did nothing but lie on my back for two weeks.  I have minimal pain, but a little, especially if I've been on my feet for a couple hours.  
1) is this normal?   seems like a long recovery based on what I've read.
2)  can this hematoma damage my testicle?  
3)  does this sound like a slight error by the surgeon?   I know every situation is different, but this is crazy.
4)  other than ice, elevation, scrotal support, and rest---what can help?

Thanks!!  I appreciate any help I can get.  
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Hi, did you ever get an answer on this? I had the same procedure (microscopic repair of a left hand side varicocele) . I am a couple of weeks into recovery, there is still some pain around the opening site which I am OK with - like you, I didn't really need pain meds. But the pain I had from the varicocele (which is like being kicked in the ball and which I got every time I touched the testicle) is even worse than before the operation now. I'm having to wear tight underwear just to stop the left testicle moving around, otherwise I get the 'kicked in the balls' pain every few minutes. I did a self exam of my left testicle and found a hard lump in which feels long and thin (almost tube shaped) running through the scrotum and toward the testicle - sounds similar to what you had but nowhere near a large. I'm wondering if this could be the same thing? Would be great to hear if you had an update or found a resolution. Thanks.
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Antilles- Had my left one done Feb. 20th, 2019. They did a sub-inguinal Varicocelectomy, denervation and for kicks and giggles, he throws in the vasectomy. No lie, this thing was the size of a Roma tomato afterwords. It took up most of my scrotum, crowding the right one over a bit. The pain sucked. Me and the ice pack were serious friends. It’s been 2 weeks today and the swelling has subsided a little. This thing is still pretty big especially compared to the right one. Either some swelling has gone down or the spermatic cord itself has swollen up and it’s rather noticeable. It’s the thickness of a freakin’ sharpie marker and is definitely, almost ridgedly attached to the testicle mass- kinda like one big unit. Anyway, still sucks to bend or squat down in regular pants because of the rightness they create. .
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