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What could be the cause of my testicle twitching?

3 weeks ago I found a rash on my penis. 3 days later I started having testicle discomfort, abdominal pain which led to pain in testicles some days later.

I had swollen lymph nodes in neck and groin. At worst moment I had sharp pain from testicle leading to right inguinal lymph nodes. I woke up with sweat similar to bacterial fever.

I thought it was epiditimitis due to STI. I did herpes, hiv, ghonorrea, chlamydia and Syphilis tests. All negative. I did ultrasound and no torsion or epiditimitis. I was already taking antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin 500mg  for 3 days before ultrasound and I have taken twice per day since

The problem has not gone away. My right testicle twitches only when I’m seated or laying position, and not always. It went away mostly for a few days and has now returned.

I have cream for the rash and urologist thinks it is balantitis, I have been using it a few days and it seems to be helping with rash.

The urologist said that I may have had epiditimitis but fixed it before ultrasound. He said it takes time for this area to heal and I should take ibuprofen for weeks.

But this morning I had pain that started inside the right testicle again and then led to muscle spasms, and they have haunted me all morning. If the bacteria was dead why would it cause pain again? I can understand slight discomfort while healing but this doesn’t seem right.

This does not seem like bacterial infection anymore.

My urologist suggested to stop antibiotics but I’m afraid that the problem will worsen, it did last time I stopped taking ab for a few days.

I read about orchitis and don’t understand it as much.

An additional symptom during the spasms is that the perenium muscle is inflamed when they start. It gets as far as a banana.

I did stretches for first time this morning and it immediately helped with inflammation but the spasms have been with me all day.

I don’t know what else to do. Any help is appreciated
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That stinks that you are dealing with all of this man.  I do like that you are working with your doctor.  You've ruled a lot of things out.  I'd personally be like you and want to continue the full course of antibiotic.  

Here is a post that kind of makes me think it is epidydimitis

Let me know what you think!
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still having this?
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