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What could it be - frequent urination, lower back pain, leg tingling

Hi all,

Not 100% sure where to post this as it crosses both Urinary Incontinence & backache sections.

Ongoing symptoms 2 - 3+ years

- frequent urination (daytime) and once at night

- leftside lower back pain (dull)

- leftside leg pain (dull/tingling)

- leftside foot pain

Me - 29 year old male, exercises regularly (3 - 4 days a week), weight 66kg and height 1.75cms. General health good.

I have been suffering from lower back pain (more so on left side) for over 2 years and frequent urination (frequent during daytime and once at night time for 3+ years) as well as tingling sensations in my left leg and pain on the sole of my foot on my left leg for the past 2 years. As you can read, it is mostly centered on my left side.

2 years ago I went for an MRI scan on my back due to the lower back pain and it yielded nothing. No problems there - I thought it could be a slipped disc or hernia but nope. So I brushed it off and blamed it down to poor posture when sitting. I get the lower back pain from time to time. Leg pain usually gets worse depending on weather and the foot pain comes and goes frequently (put this down to bad footwear originally).

Today (30.11.17) I went for an ultrasound scan on my kidneys, bladder and prostate (sorry too much info) and was advised kidneys & prostate OK. I was worried it could be kidney / prostate related as getting up at night (once a night) is destroying my sleeping pattern. However the radiologist noticed my bladder was retaining urine and not voiding completely. He advised it could be neurological / or inflammation related (spine?) and I will be referred for further testing. He said all my symptoms can be associated with a number of things.

His bedside manner was poor so it immediately threw me into a panic...

Any idea of what conditions could be associated with such symptoms?
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