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What it means UTI symptomes,RBC in urine but no bacterial infection?

I was wondering what it means to have blood in urine ( RBC 3-8 ) and UTI symptomes (which stopped after a treatment with MacroBid) but no increased level of WBC?
I was already treated for UTI even if the level of the WBC was normal.I thought that UTI apprears as a increased level of RBC but also a WBC in the urine.

It worries me a lot since now I start having lower back pain and even some strange bruises on the sore spots.
Also I have light fever ( 37 ).I'm just married 22 years old.

Every response will be more than appreaciated.
Thanks a million :S
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Hi Maya,
I recently had a routine urine test and they found blood in my urine not visible to the naked eye. I have what is called" microhematuria" This means I have too many red blood cells in my urine which can mean several thing's. I am scheduled for a CT Scan and then off to a urologist. I don't have pain but some people do. I suggest you look up microhematuria so you will understand what that means, that's what I did.I don't know if this relate's to you but just in case. Good Luck!
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Thanks for your replay.I should make appointment with urologist too.I didn't have any CT scan.Could you tell me something about it and about the level of RBC you had?

Thanks again
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My appointment is next Friday. I will get back to afterward's. I don't know what my RBC level's were.
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