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What's a good way to help my problem with urination? (20 M)

I have a problem with urinating due to an enlarged head of penis ever since 4 years ago. My urination feels slightly blocked at the head, and I always have dripping after urination and it never feels completely clean. This problem started when I applied too much force for too long to my penis for a few times after reading something online that told me that I had to masturbate hard as a requirement to normal health (dumb I know right). Ever since those intense incidents, the head of my penis has always looked larger than before without going back to normal and urination has been affected every time. What's the best way to help myself with this problem so that my urination can return to nearly as normal as it was before? I have also created  a vein popping out on the side of my penis from having it at a bent angle for too long one time. Is there any way to heal myself from the damage?

Thank you
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It's hard to say what exactly is going on from your description and I'd say seeing a doctor would make the most sense.  What about Peyronie's Disease?  This is scar tissue after trauma.  It can give a penis a curve.  It's fibrous plaque that builds up in the penis.  Veins are usually more pronounced after sex or masturbation or just when you are erect.  There is something called lymphangiosclerosis which is sometimes seen as an unusual lump of vein on the side of the penis.  It's hardening of the lymph vessel and normally happens through an injury to the penis.   https://www.healthline.com/health/lymphangiosclerosis#causes  I'd get checked out by your doctor and hope you let us know what they say.
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