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White lump on penis under foreskin from chicken pox?


I'm 32 years old and have just contracted chicken pox. Today I noticed inside the foreskin, under the penis head a white lump of 2mm or so. Wasn't there yesterday.

I am currently not sexually active (for well over a year, long story and rather personal) so I don't know what else it could be.

Is this normal for chicken pox?
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Mybe. A cisst. I'm cut so idk
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You can never tell for sure unless it has been diagnosed by a doctor.
I was still a very young boy when I ended up with chicken pox. Off all the places to get it on a person's body, I ended up with one on the shaft of my penis. As it went on I got it on other parts of my body, but the ones on my penis and scrotum I remeber the most. Besides it being itchy it was also painful. I have no idea as to why the first signs of it was on my penis.

Several years ago after having been very ill I ended up with shingles. They are much more painful and they can flare up again when the immune system is low. That time I just had surgery because of a strep b infection in my left testicle. I had emergency surgery to have it removed. They had to remove it from the scrotum because it was too large to remove it in the normal way. They left the scrotum open to heal from the inside out. Once the pain started to get less I got the shingles.

t could be something else, but unless yiu have had any sexual activity that you are unsure off, it most likely is notheing to worry about.
I hope thigs clear up soon for you. What a rotten Christmas present.

All the best,


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Found this post on Google . Got chicken pox about 6 days ago . Today I spotted the same white rash on my penis , under the foreskin .
Was it completely normal ? And how long did it take to heal ?
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What happened to it
Hoshimi or Prath

Any updates on the white spots or rash on the penis under foreskin ( I am suffering from Chicken pox )
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