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Why do i still have pain 3 weeks after a cystoscopy?

Please help. After 17 days of pain passing a kidney stone, all my pain was gone. I brought the stones into my urologist and he said he had to look in my bladder to make sure there were no more pieces. A nurse put some liquid in me she said would numb me, it did not. It hurt very much, he shoved the tubes inside me. He didn't even examone me first. It hurt very bad after, I just took the train home and had to get off after about 15 to find a bathroom, I could not make it home. It hurt bad for days and has been light pain ever since. I went to a new urologist and told him what happened, i was still in pain. He only said from my urine I don't have an infection. He did an untrasound on my kidneys and bladder and decided I was fine and the pain will fade. I have dull acking pain, it feels dry or irritated, swollen sometimes, shooting pain from my bladder to clitoris, crampy bladder, feels like someone punched me in my vagina. He gave me 2 antibiotics so it wouldnt get infected. He did not prepare me for what this was at all. I might try a female gynocologist see if she will care more. Why am I still having pain and what test can I ask for to see if he damaged my bladder or urethra. Thanks! I'm a 44 year old female, I have never had pain in that area before. Only kidney stones.
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