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Will I ever get my life back again?

I've been diagnosed with Overactive Bladder.  I, personally feel that I have an infection that is just not showing up.  Not only do I have the constant need to urinate.  There are times when I go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, and the amount is fairly large.  After this, I get pain in my kidneys.
My urologist tested me for everything possible.  He finally diagnosed me with Overactive Bladder.  What baffles me is that every time they test my urine they find a trace of blood.  Does Overactive Bladder cause blood to show up in the urine every time?
I'm about to try the fourth different medication.  I'm hoping this one works for me.  I feel as if I'm  ready to lose it.  I'm having a very difficult time.  Sometimes I have to urinate about 30 times a day.  This disorder has taken over my life.
I am very irritable, and I find that I can't leave my house because I know I'll be needing a bathroom within a half hour.  Is this going to change?  Is there anyone out there who has had a similar situation, and is now having relief?  Please let me hear from you.  
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I haven't heard from anyone regarding Overactive Bladder . . I need some positive input.

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Isn't there anyone out there who is suffering from Overactive Bladder?  I'm at my wits end.  If you're having the same disorder, can you tell me how you're coping with it?  And what meds you are using?
Please let me hear from you . . I'm desperate at this point, and don't know wha to do.
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I am young and have a overactive bladder, I did have a Kidney removed a few months ago and since then ive been having these symptoms. I do pelvic floor exercises and bladder training - that my urologist told me to do. I always find that if i am just about to go out.. i feel the urge to go for a pee which is very annoying, also if im out somewhere, and if i do go to the toilet nothing much comes out.

Try doing a few squeezes of your pelvic floor before the urge to go it should take it away a bit, that sometimes helps me. I think you should go back to your Urologist or see a different doctor for another opinion.
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I am suffering from a similar problem of frequently urinating for about 30 to 40 times a day. At night after am asleep have to just wake up once and then directly at dawn to void. I have been diagnosed with Cystitis by my Urologist on the basis of Urine culture test. I suggest you do the same. Get yourself a urine clean catch/urine culture and sensitivity test done to find the traces of bacteria in it. If your test shows bacteria then you most probably have bacterial infection of bladder called Cystitis a UTI which is most common in women. If the test doesn't show the presence of any bacteria then your symptoms suggest that you might be suffering from Interstitial Cystits which again is common in women. Also get your diabetes checked.

Hope you get well soon!


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Also please get a cystoscopy done which the urologist perform to confirm there is hulmer's ulcer or blood on the walls of bladder.Do you experience pain in abdomen?
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I have had all the tests . . . kidney scan, Cystoscopy, tumor marker test, and I can't remember what else.
Evertime I visit my urologist's office they find a trace of blood in the urine.  But, there hasn't been infection for a long time.  My urologist tells me I have an overactive bladder.  I think I have IC . . or perhaps the foods that aggravate an overactive bladder can do the same for one who has IC.
I recently visited the IC website, and pulled up the foods that could be irritating to the bladder.  I am slowly learning to eliminate all the foods that can cause a problem, and I'm eating only what's on the "OK" list.  I am also on 60mg of Sanctura every day.  
One day, I would like to do away with the Sanctura, and just stick to the diet.  I don't know if this is possible.
Thank you for taking the time to respond Bella . . I really appreciate it.  I will keep you posted.  I am beginning to believe that the diet is the key to getting the relief one needs for this horrible disorder.
I will keep you posted as time goes by . . . thanx again.
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Yes! you are very much right in taking a calculation regarding food being the main issue in your case and believe me its the same with me! I have been diagnosed with bacterial infection of bladder by one urologist and overactive bladder by another and third one says I have also developed yeast infection --vulvitis due to antibiotics I took to cure the UTI. So now that I am completely fed up with the antibiotics and urologists am trying to get to the bottom of this whole issue myself with the help of my third and probably last urologist. He has put me on some antibiotics which seem to be improving my condition but I am also keep on my diet.

Being a complete vegetarian, I don't have much difficulty in addressing this part ot the issue, but I'll be grateful to you if you can give me the link where I can find the list of food which would irritate the bladder so that I can confirm my personal list of vegetables and fruits.

Methinks if we keep our diet in check and not irritate the bladder it'll start healing gradually to the point where we'll be in far better health!

I am happy to share my views with you and hopefully both of us and many like us would benefit from our experiences.

Hope you feel better soon

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I've been on decaf for over a week now, and see a big difference.  My urologist thinks I should be able to drink a cup of coffee with caffeine in the morning.  I don't understand this since all the sites suggest that caffeine definitely irritates the bladder.
Here's the link for the IC site . . don't know exactly where the food list is.  Hunt around, and click onto the different categories until you find it.
Yesterday I ordered the pear bars and the 100% acid free decaf coffee.  Don't know if I'll like it.  But, I think I can get used to it if it helps me to get thru this horrible disorder.


Good luck to you . . please stay in touch. Let me know if after you've eliminated certain foods etc, you get some relief.

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I think it's a good idea to follow the diet.  Begin by eliminating the foods on the problem list, and just eat the foods on the OK list for now.  Then, once you begin to feel better, you can probably eat some of the foods on the middle list.
I just purchased the Prelief tablets also.  You can use Tums if you can't find Prelief where you live.
I'm going to give this my best shot . . I just want so badly to feel better.
Blessings to you . . .

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Hey there!

Thanks for the message and link. I too have something for you

Although they say that diet could have effect depending up on the person's metabolism. I'd say it definitely helps! Changing your diet in the way to eliminate acid from it would be of much use in case of irratiable bladder. It helps heal it slowly. As the acidic food only agrrevates the problem.

To begin with. Just avoid drinking tea or coffee in all forms 'cept herbal if you want. That too chamomile tea, avoid green tea too and if you are a coffee drinker then its best not to drink it at all. Also add green vegetables in your diet and avoid eating meat if you are a non vegetarian. Try and eat salad most of the time. Eat sweet ripe pears and blueberries, the sweet ones that is. And take a mild laxative for now.

Don't eat chocolates and pop/soda also juices. Avoid citric fruits. Observe this for one week and see the difference. And most importantly don't panic about it. IC or Overactive bladder is  not a disease its just a symptom which will remain under control due to various reasons including diet--being the most important part!

Let me know about the progress and god bless you!

Much Love
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