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Will Lymphangiosclerosis go away? (Please read)

Hi all,

I've had Lymphangiosclerosis for around 2-3 weeks (im 99.999% its this) and theres not much information about it online. Almost every website simply says it will go away on its own in a couple of weeks and I should abstain from sexual activity. I cant find anybody online who has actually said their Lymphangiosclerosis has gone away and its making me panic slightly, as it contradicts everything the other websites say about it going away.

So has anyone healed from this? Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process? Im 17 years old and I'm terrified it will last.

Thanks all
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Did you get better? Please I have this now hopefully you can let me know
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We'll be happy to talk to you about the issue. Start your own question and explain what is going on.  
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They wouldn't have in all of the literature that it often goes away by itself if it didn't. That doesn't come from thin air. Articles written about it have to be approved by doctors that treat the condition and urologists claim this is true.  So, don't worry about not finding a lot of people just like you and rust they are out there.  The only thing is that you have self diagnosed this it sounds like.  It is better to have a doctor do an exam and make that determination.  One thing that I've read is that if this is caused by an std, which can happen, then you would need an antibiotic for it to go away on its own.  I've also read that it can take as long as you've had it to go away but if it doesn't, something else to look into is a blocked vein. Is it painful?
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Hi, i feel no pain at all its just the lump. Im also virgin so cant be an STI. I really pray it goes away on its own soon. Luckily im seeing a doctor in 2 weeks for something unrelated so ill definelty bring this up. I just hope its not like these stories of people saying it stayed for years, dont want to ruin my sex life this early. It just appeared after masturbating 3 times one day, wasnt being rough or anything. Hopefully mine is minor and heals quickly like the articles suggest. Keeping my fingers crossed. Appreicate you taking the time to read and reply honestly
Hi, Did you get better? I'm suffering from Lymphangiosclerosis now.
Hi Porfick. What about you? Is it gone?
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