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a horrible peeing issue

My question is what is wrong with me?! I have this problem that comes on and off.But when its on its a HUGE problem. I've been the urologist they have no idea what it is so I'm on over active bladder medication, they tried doing a test where they inject fluids straight to my bladder but my body is so sensitive I passed out cold from the test so they got no results, I was tested for STD's and there was none. I was also tested for any bacteria in my urine and found NO CULTURES. But the problem persists.

I have this embarrassing problem where I do not pee in one interval. My bladder wants to empty one milliliter at a time. It doesn't hurt, but it does feel weird that I only pee a few drops. And once my bladder decides to pee like this... Its alllll night. I get increasingly thirsty but if I drink it just makes the problem worse. I am forced to put at least 3 pads and some toilet paper on at work and make sure no one notices that I am peeing every 2 seconds straight into my pants. Because I have no choice! the urgency is so fierce that if I held it in I'd be crossing my legs and jumping up and down and having to physically hold my bladder like a 2 year old so it doesn't come out on its own. And I ruin all my pants and I have NO more dignity at the end of the night.
sometimes the medication works. sometimes it doesn't.
I have eliminated caffeine and its not as bad, but it still happens. Its been going on and off for about a year, but these passed 3 months its non stop guaranteed at least 3 or 4 times a week.

Please please please help
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Your problem is obviously not straight forward and I certainly do not think that it is a sexually related issue. I’d check all  of your medications (over the counter as well as prescription) to see if they have any side effects that relate to urinating. All of the decongestants have the effect of inhibiting urinating by stimulating the bladder neck to stay closed. Some individuals are more sensitive to this effect than others. Diet pills can do the same.
If  this does not help, then I try the bladder function test again and do this with x-ray dye so that your urinating (if it happens) can be observed on x-ray (fluorourodynamics) and also plan on a cystoscopy (looking into your bladder). This may best be done by a female urologist (a urologist who specializes in urinary problems in women).
Good luck!.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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also, its the same person ^. I forgot to include that I am an 18 year old female. who is sexually active, but has only been with one person who has only been with one person. and its not that often at all.

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