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bad decision after surgery...

I recently had urethral diverticulum, and 12 days ago had the diverticulum surgically removed from my urethra. Luckily the diverticulum was at the very front of my urethra and my incision is approximately 3/4ths of an inch long. My urologist even stated that my incision was about as small as a cut a dermatologist may need to perform for the removal of a small mole or likewise. My stitches fell out the first week, and healing seemed to be going very well. I had a catheter for a week, which was removed 4 days ago, and once the catheter was removed I've had no pain at all. I was told to wait 6 week before sex, and to put nothing in my vagina (including tampons) for 6 weeks. Hard-headed as I am, I didn't listen and had sex, but my bf was very gentle. I had no pain at all during intercourse, but immediately after my pain level was an 8 on a scale of 1 -10. I've taken pain pills and restarted antibiotics, but the incision site is now inflamed and I have a small tear along the incision sight which looks like I may have opened a single stitch, or where one was previously, before dissolving. Will this heal on its own or should I revisit my urologist to have the incision restitched? Is there anything else I can do to assist in the healing process? I of course know to listen to doctors orders an abstain from sex, lesson learned hard. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
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Really worried now... Please help!

So... Since I posted this question I've had time to look at my incision a little more and it appears as though the incision is open, but not all the way. I urinate properly, and the stream is normal. However, the incision now looks as though the lining of my urethra has healed on the inside, but not the outside, and is open where the skin has not completely fused together externally. I have little to no bleeding now, but do have a tiny bit of light yellow discharge from the opening. I'm more concerned now, and I'm really hoping to get some sort of answer.
Is there anything I can use to help the healing process along? Since my incision is outside of the vagina, would it be safe to use Petrolium Jelly or Aquaphor?
I plan to call my doctor in the morning, but an appointment is so difficult to get anytime soon. If restitching is necessary, when is too long for the the skin to be able to fuse together. In other words, would stitches help put everything back together after a 24 hour time period or longer?
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Hi there Jes138,

I have gotten the same operation done on June 4th and now I am feeling good. There isn't as much pain during urination but it still burns a little and I feel the stitches there....

I can't beleive you had sex. I wouldn`t dare even how strong my urge is..

My boyfriend will need to wait and I can't do anythng for him !

You absolutely need to see your doctor so he can stitch it back and avoid bigger scaring and bad healing. Tell them it is an emergency after surgery and your insicion opened up. They will give you an appointment for sure !

You need another course of antibiotics since there is yellow puss coming out it is a sign that there is an infection.

Whatever you do, DON`T APPLY any type of product on it and don't get any bathes; just showers to make sure no soap stays there.

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I have to have this surgery soon and am very nervous. Can either of you give me advise? I hope that you healed after rupturing the site. I have no side effects beside the occasional feeling of a UTI but there is none when tested but I always have traces of blood in urine. After a CTscan they saw the UD and now I'm waiting to see how bad it is when he tells me the results of my MRI.
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