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blood in semen/urine

I have had episodes in  the past  of blood in semen on and off.it  had  been  a  year  since  my last episode.Now i have  had blood  in  my  semen  and my  urine.I  went  to  the  doctor.We had  urinanalisys  and  culture  wich  didnt  show  any  bacteria,had  a  DRE  and  it  was  normal,my  PSA was  0.3.At first  the  blood  in my  urine  was  visible  but  not  anymore  but  blood in my  semen  is  very  visible.It doesnt matter  if  urinate  first then ejaculate  or  vise versa ,my  urine  is  clear(microscopic  hematuria) and my semen  is bloody.my  testicles  hurt after  ejaculation and i  have general  back  pain.i have an apontment with the  urologist.
i am very  worried ,please any  ideas ???
i  am  50  years  old.
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Your microhematuria and hematospermia are separate issues which often do not have answers. Often work-ups for both turn out fruitless, but if they are unrevealing, then they do rule out major issues such as cancer, stones, significant kidney diseases. Most men find hematospermia quite upsetting but the chances are extremely great that there is nothing wrong.
The fact that you had gross hematuria last year and microhematuria now does concern me and does need an expert's evaluation. That you are seeing a urologist is the sensible thing to do at this point.
The generalized back pain does not sound urologic in origin. The testes pain with ejaculation will be addressed by your urologist. It does not suggest anything related to your other symptoms. If you have had a vasectomy, you may have developed sperm granulomas which can behave as you describe. They can be  treated with anti-inflammatory medication (such as ibuprofen) and, if troublesome enough, be removed surgically.
Please take Susan1022's advice and read my comments to her on March 12.
Hope that you feel better soon.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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Hi Tony.  Check out my question to the urologist and his answer.  It may help to put your mind at ease.  Please let me know what your urologist says if it is any different from the urologist on this site. Thanks, and good luck!

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Sorry Tony,

I just spent $16 last night  posting a question and it disapeared right after it posted - I got RIPPED OFF by this site - if anyone else is having this problem please let me KNOW!!!

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You might want to check out this forum. It specifically deals with Blood in the Semen/ Urine. It is more common than you think, but it still throws a few Urologists for a loop.
The forum is at:
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