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body thinks it's dreaming, won't let me pee

I'm sure everyone's had that dream before where you are going to use the bathroom and right when you're about to start peeing, your brain starts shooting alarm signals through you to wake you up and then you realize you were just dreaming and you were about to wet the bed for real. Or sometimes you don't wake up in time so you start peeing in real life, then your brain responds and you become consciously aware that you're peeing and you need to wake up. I haven't had this happen to me in years. But now this happens to me during the day. Whenever I start peeing, my brain starts shooting the same signals all over my body as if I'm peeing in my sleep and I have this physical urge to wake up, even though I'm not sleeping and I'm just using the bathroom normally. And when those "WAKE UP ALERT ALERT" signals start happening, my bladder muscles clench up and then the pee either stops for a few seconds or it occasionally reduces to just a trickle. I have no muscular coordination to unclench the muscles when this happens....I just kind of lose it.
Does anyone else have this thing? I don't know if this is weird or not... I sleep fine, for around 8 hours each night. I don't smoke or drink or do drugs, if that has any relevance....
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I have the same dreams occasionally but I do have a bladder problem.  You seem to have a possible UTI or enlarged prostate (which caused my problems long ago) so go to a urologist soon.  I ignored the symptoms too long and today I have catheterize myself 5 times a day.  
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