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epididymitis back after varicocele tie off

Age 23/Height 5'7''/Weight 150 lbs. No past medical issues.

At the end of last summer, I began have discomfort and slight pain in my left testicle and urinary tract. My symptoms were: soreness and extreme discomfort in left testicle, enlarged veins in testicle and frequent urge to urinate (that is the best I can explain this symptom. It is a weird feeling I get in my penis, definitely in the urethra).

My doctor prescribed me anti biotics and eventually after they didn't work, had me under go a surgury where the "tied off" my varicocele vein. The recovery was pretty brutal but about a month and a half after the surgery, I began to feel better. Then after a month of feeling fully recovered, my soreness and pain came back full force.

Now my symptoms are:
- Pain and soreness in left testicle.
- Enlarged vein in testicle
- Lower left abdomin fullness, soreness, and pain
- Frequent urination and urethra discomfort

- Doxycycline: I have been on this for about a week now and it has not helped
- Phenazopyridine: Took this for the three days my doctor prescribed and it did not help

From what I have read online, it sounds like I have Chronic Epididymitis. I am a very active person and this problem has really been hindering my life. Anyone have any thoughts on what's wrong with me/what I can do? Do people ever have to get two surgeries to tie off varicocele (I ask because the vein is enlarged again)? Has anyone heard of this condition coming back to someone after getting this procedure done?

Thank you so much.
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I'm not a doctor, but I've been through the pain of varicoceles. My suggestion is to find a urologist who listens and has dealt with them before. Your family doctor is not going to be of much help.
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Did you eventually get yours treated? If so, what was the remedy?
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My first option was surgery to have the varicocele removed. That was in 1985, so I'm not current on the techniques available today. A urologist should be able to evaluate you and tell you the options available.
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