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growth on anus

I am a 24 year old male and I have had a growth of some sort on my anus now for a few months thinking that it will go away when it is infact getting larger if anything. I can only describe it to look like a clitoris of a female, it does not cause me any pain or discomfort its just there!I don't know what it is but it is certainly worrying me to a degree. What should I do?

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These may be anal skin tags. Where do you find the lesions (allow me to call them lesions)? Are they found around the anus or do you feel them when you strain?

Anal skin tags are similar to skin tags in other parts of the body. They are usually skin colored and may appear to have a stalk. Anal skin tags are benign and they are not contagious. They may get irritated .During this time, it is best to keep the area clean and dry. Infections may be a likely complication.

I suggest you have this assessed by your physician. Your physician may help you differentiate between anal skin tags and hemorrhoids which are also likely differentials. Anal skin tags may be removed surgically if they become swollen, infected and painful.

However, with no associated change in bowel movement or overt bleeding when passing stools then, this does not sound like an urgent case.
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Don't be quick to removed a skin tag. This can caused some serious complications and for the most part, skin tags don't cause a problem.
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I think I have an anal skin tag, it's painless but won't go away. It looks almost like a thorn growing out of the stem of a rose....I really want to be rid of it rather it's harmless or not. Do I have to see a doctor to have it removed or are there other potions?
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