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i pee alot..could this be polyuria??? read please

for sometime now i been peeing alot..the last few weeks ive been to the er 2 times,,all they can do is check my labs that come out good..my sugar on a fast was 96...on the labs not fasting was 86..

but i measure it now..im on disability,,so i pee avg 4 Oz's ever 20-45 min till about 7pm or so.,.then it gets concentrated...my potassium and salt leves been good..no .my creatine was 1.0...sodium 140  gfr was >60...so im just peeing like 25 times aday avg out put better some days..is approx at or above 2 litters aday..i drink alot of water and gateraid to keep my electrolytes in balanced..so does this may sound like polyuria?? like i say i,ve had this along time..but just got real noticeable..my gpdocx wants a ultrasound done on my prostate  anyways,,he did a digital exam said felt ok  ,but to get a clear diagnosis  needs this...im having issues with the contraption also.....

i also put more out on certain days..like take in approx 72  output like 82..last night i took in 72 put out 40..kelp me please  thanks james
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