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leaking after TURP operation

My father had TURP operation one and half month back. After 4 days of operation leaking problem occurred. He was saying that he don't have any kind of sense while urine  comes out.After that we consulted the same doctor, he was saying that you have to wait for another 6 months for control. I am helpless. Later we have moved another doctor there he said,  some nerve(something i don't know which controls the urine) has damaged at the time of operation.Is there any artificial thing to fix that control mechanism? help me
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Incontinence of urine is a recognized complication of prostate surgery for the obstruction caused by the changes of  prostate growth with aging.  Usually the incontinence is of short duration after the catheter is removed but it can go on for longer periods of time and may be permanent. One thing to do initially is to make sure that he is emptying his bladder. This is easily determined by passing a catheter or performing an immediate bladder scan right after he urinates. If it continues beyond three months,  I would suggest that he have a urodynamic evaluation and cystoscopy. This testing  will give information regarding his bladder sensation and function as well as allow the urologist to see the extent of his surgery/how much prostatic tissue was removed and where.
In the meantime, Kegel’s exercises may help and a drug (over the counter) called “Sudafed”  may also. The drug is really for sinus problems but one of the side effects is that of tightening up the bladder neck which may help him. The drug cannot be taken if he has high blood pressure or cannot tolerate a rapid heart beat. If the drug is not effective in  week’s time, it will not be helpful.
There are external clamps (C-3, Baumrucker, Cunningham) – all prescription items. In addition, there are surgical procedures that can effectively allow properly selected patients to regain their continence. There is an artificial urinary sphincter (American Medical Systems) and two types of surgically implanted supporting meshes (Coloplast and American Medical Systems).
At this relatively early period since surgery, however, the exercises and time are on his side. Don’t go for anything further yet, though the incontinence is certainly messy and disheartening.
Good luck!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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