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male urethra irritation, non-stop burning sensation

i have been suffering for about a month now from the following symptoms:
- burning before or after urination (always)
- sometimes there is mild difficulty to urinate
- spraying of urine
- blood in urine (dark yellow urine) in the mornings and after ejaculation

I do not have any leakage but i do sometimes suffer from shooting pains in urethra although this is rare. However one thing I have noticed physically is a tiny (2mm) hard lump inside the penis just below the head. This seems to be at the bottom of the penis near urethra and it does not move with skin. It's always there. It does not hurt to touch or squeeze it. It feels as though it's connected to a tiny vessel at one end. So long as I remember this has been there.

I have seen numerous doctors and they have always just asked for urine tests and prescribed antibiotics even though my test results were all NEGATIVE, including STI and culture tests.The last AB i took was Macrobid and it had no effect. I have been referred to a urologist but that's weeks away...

Just wondering if anyone has any idea because this problem is really impacting my life.  
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I'm glad that you are seeing a Urologist. This hard lump that you speak about is probably a benign cyst of some sort. But it should not be there and clearly is impacting negatively on your life.
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I had more pain today and decided to go to ER. I saw a doctor and he explained there is a tear in urethra. He told me to drink lots of water and to let it heal. In the mean time to follow up with my urologist.
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