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natural cure for prostatitis, that is chronic

frequent masturbation
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I am going to have to say that, after personal experiences, not true.
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I agree with Tjalsma....frequent masturbation can irritate the prostate...i speak of my prostatitis experiences.
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heY TOMMY 420! im glad i can hear from u its been a while man! Sorry i ddint make myself clear well u see u know that chronic bacterial prostatitis is when there is bacteria in the prostate.So if the bacteria is in the prostate and the prostatic fluid which is in the prostate is causing the irritation from time to time when it comes out. Ok im not sure if i sounded to clear on that but keep reading, u see everytime u ejaculate there is a possibility that the bacteria is carried in the seminal fluid, so its like you would be flushing the prostate. Kinda like how u change the water from radiator, but not exactly because u have to expell it, so even if it is chronic u can keep flushing your prostate by masturbating eventually symptoms will go away, also this has been proven to prevent prostate cancer, so in reality it shouldnt make it worse. THink about it, u would only be flushing your prostate and all the bacteria would be expelled through the uretrha, u might have symptoms at first but it will eventually go away.
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