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scrotum skin on the penis

part of the scrotum skin keeps expanding on the penis and it hurts when masturbating,I can send a photo if it helps to understand.Please help cause of quarantine I cant go to the doctor
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I don’t quite understand what you’re describing. What do you mean by’ ‘the scrotum skin keeps expanding on the penis’? Is the scrotum swelling? Did this just start recently? Did you suffer any type of injury to the scrotum and/or penis? Maybe you SHOULD submit a photo - I really can’t picture what’s happening.

But in any case, I think you’re going to need to see a Dr. or possibly even a Urologist. This sounds very unusual & I’m not sure anyone here could help - altho we do sometimes have Dr’s reading these posts & advising...
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Well sorry its difficult to explain something like that in English.The scrotum skin has enveloped the under side of the penis.I don't think i can post a photo here though.
from what i have searched online I think its called penoscrotal webbing
Oh, OK, I’ve heard of that condition, don’t know a lot about it but will see what I can find out...
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