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urethral stricture

Hi i just had a question about urethral strictures i think i have one.  14 montjs ago i was diognosed with chlamydia, which was a month and a half since my last sexual encounter.  2 weeks after starting my treatment i started to have pain in my meatus and it looked inflammed like lips buckered up, my GP and urologist both said it was normal.  Now it has been 14 months and my meatus still sticks up and rubs my pants making daily life very uncomfortable... Does this sound like its a stricture?  I have been test for every std and am clean.
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This does not sound like stricture and I would be encouraged by the GP and Urologist both saying that all was well.
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Any idea of what it could be caused by? I was tested for syphilis, hiv, hsv, chlamydia, gono, diabetes.  By the research i have done it is not hpv. Not to mention yes it has been a few months but im sure atleast 1 of the 6 doctors would have caught it if it was. The meatus has looked nearly identical the past 14 months. Raised slightly swollen and looking like lips.
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