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Hip Pain

Hi all, I have a question. Can fibroids cause hip /groin pain...weight bearing only...so bad that it is impossible to walk? I ask because the hip pain came on suddenly and was extremely severe. It isn't constant...there can be a few steps to a whole walk across the room that doesn't hurt. The Xray was negative. It didn't show any compression or bone spurs but did show something in my pelvic region that they believe is unrelated. I opted to check it out anyway and had a CT scan. It kinda confirmed the fibroids that I had a doctor tell me 20 some odd years ago that he thought I had ("Heterogenous nodular appearing uterus likely containing fibroids."). I had a sono yesterday to look closer at them (and another issue discovered in the CT).
I'm on Prednisone for the pain and to just be able to walk...I have to work...but I know that I can't stay on them long term. We will most likely be scheduling an MRI for my hip early next week some time.
If it could be the fibroids, then do I need the MRI (I have met my deductible, soooo...) on my hip or would that be overkill?
Thanks for any insight!
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