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How long after EVRF Laser treatment do legs feel heavy and sore?

I had EVRF Laser treatment in mid June (2 months and 3 weeks at the time of this post), to remove my greater saphenous vein.

I felt the normal / expected after effects, including heaviness, soreness, and some small sharp pains, up until one month after the procedure. Then about 2 weeks after that, i started feeling my thigh heavy again, and now at almost 3 months i'm feeling some occasional little pains on various parts of the leg (both thigh and lower leg).

I had been walking every day for 30-60 minutes. I do admit i started slacking on my daily walks once i felt fully recovered, so I know i must get back to walking daily ASAP.

I should note that before the laser treatment, i had only felt leg heaviness and pain twice, about a month before the procedure. This made me decide to get treated, mainly as a preventive measure, since all my relatives have varicose veins and i have seen how bad it can get if left untreated. But now i'm wondering if it was a mistake, since i feel heaviness and slight pain when i didn't before.

How long after EVRF is it normal to experience heaviness and some pain in the thigh and overall leg? BTW I am a 44 year old male who is otherwise very healthy.

Thank you very much!
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