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PAD or tendinitis?

I'm a 57 year old male, not very physically active except some walking and light exercise. Lately if I walk for any distance up or down hills, my right leg hamstring and calves get very sore.  I pushed it a little, and they remained sore for a week, like a muscle strain.  There's no visible signs, my right leg isn't red or pale, now swelling, it isn't warmer or cooler than my other leg, which feels completely normal.

I was concerned this might be peripheral artery disease, but my doctor says I have a strong pulse in my feet, no unusual sounds in the femoral artery, and no indications of coronary artery disease.  So he thinks it is highly unlikely that I have arteriosclerosis in a big vessel in my leg.  But it is not going away, my right calf gets a little achy and kind of weak for some minutes after a walk.  He suggested it is tendinitis.

I'm not sure where to ask this, but I'd like a second opinion, and I was most worried about PAD, even thought my doctor doesn't think that is my problem.
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