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Do you fully recover from vitamin D deficiency? (cognitive functions)


I am a 27 years old guy from Europe and I have been recently diagnosed with low vitamin D (17 ng/mL).

I noticed in the past few months (at least 6) that I have trouble concentrating, anxiety and forgetfulness sometimes. (I always been an anxious person though)

So after receiving the news I started browsing the internet about this issue and got me worried a little bit since I saw a lot of research about decreasing cognitive function with no actual data about recovering it after you correct the vitamin D deficiency. (Most of them telling that there is no proof about recovering it, but didn't dismiss it either)

My question is, there are people that fully recovered from this and went back to what they were before this issue, like 100%?

Thank you and looking forward in hearing your answers.
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You will recover but some mention they don't fully recover for up to a year after correcting vitamin D deficiency. I personally noticed my symptoms resolve soon after increasing vitamin D.
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