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High levels of Vitamin D is caused by what?

Last year I had my Vitamin D levels checked and it came back high, 201.  The doctor said it was at toxic levels and I should stop taking any Vitamin D supplements. (I was taking 1000 mg a day.). One year later and the test came back at 149. What would cause such high levels of Vitamin D?
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Caution should be exercised when in the absence of a comprehensive medical assessment, doctors may determine a vitamin D finding above lab range , based on just a single test, as toxic! What have been your symptoms before, during and after your vit. D supplementation?
In a low cholesterol environment, since vitamin D is fat soluble, it could be gradually accumulating, mostly unused by
the body, possibly causing a functional deficiency, despite the high lab levels.
In addition, should this be combined with  a VDR (vitamin D receptor) polymorphism, a genetic mutation, you would  need  supplementation at much higher levels, along with boosting cholesterol through diet and perhaps taking also cholesterol supplements. Look into Sonic Cholesterol supplements made from raw sheep's wool.
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1000 mg of Vitamin D?
Did I read that right? Miligrams?
Usually, you would see the use of MICROGRAMS or far more commonly INTERNATIONAL UNITS.

So which one is it?

Also, the level of 201... 201 of what?
nmol or ng?

If its ng then that could be considered a problem only if you have symptoms (otherwise, toxicity was not noted even on those levels in peer-review).

If it's nmol, that would mean your circulating levels are at 80 ng... and that's pretty healthy and non-toxic.

So, please be specific.

Vitamin D RDA was miscalculated and it was determined that people should be taking closer to 10 000 IU of D3 daily:

10 000 IU of D3 =   250 mcg
40 000 IU of D3 = 1000 mcg (or 1 mg)

1000 miligrams of Vitamin D would be 40 MILLION IU... and I think the highest recorded of undiluted Vitamin D being taken was between 1 and 4 million IU daily - which did cause problems after several weeks.

female 30 from nepal
I had too much,knee pain,wholebody pain,feet burning,low fever 99 .I got my blood tested vitamin D(25 hydroxy D and thyroid).vitmin d was 8ng\ml nd thyriod low.then
Dr priscribed me calcirol 60000iu twice week,nd 25mcg thyronom and take sun bath daily.
I did what he sugested me.my all pain bit dicreased but coudnt get full recovery after 2.5 years later i got my blood testest again vitamin D level was 70 nl\mg and thyriod was normal.
he priscribed same thyroid medcin nd monthly one time calcirol 60000iu .then i didnt take vitmin D for two weeks nd didint take sub bath.then again started pain like befor .so again i started taking vitain D and sun bath I felt bit better but i ddnt tell  to Dr about this.
After one year I got testesd again vitamin D nd vitamin B 12 serum it was  vitamin D 96nl\mg and b 12 355pg\ml . Dr said don't take  more than 60000 iu Vitamin D once month & gave  me vitamin B12 1000 mcg... I have not taken Vitamin D for 2 weeks. Now again started pain like before.
what should I do now ? How can I get rid of from this pain? Please help me.. I feeling like I can't recover from this pain.
‎if it remains like  this lifelong then how I live how I work
‎I am so much worried.
‎if I take vitamin D  more it  can harm my Kidneys if I did not take I feel too much pain.
‎if there someone has faced same problem then please share your experience with me how did you overcome from this problem.
‎my WhatsApp ,viber  number is +9779841 743 432. Plz plz help me.
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Normally, Vitamin D is measure in i.u.'s not mg's.  Have you been taking 1000 i.u.'s daily (which is not a high amount)?
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