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Recommendations for maintenance dose

I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency in January this year. I have been taking 5000IU daily since then. I just had my values recheck and I am now at 63 :) What would be a good maintenance dose to continue? Unfortunately, I live in Ohio and we don't get a lot of sunshine.
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I'm also from Ohio, we have a normal amount of sunshine in the summer and winter months
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Try 1000-3000 daily and get retested in 6 months. If it's dropped up the dose a bit. Do with your doctor as they need to watch calcium levels too.
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5,000iu is closer to a maintenance dose. If you take too low of a dose your D3 levels will drop within a month or two. Even if there is sunshine, the UVB rays needed to convert D3 in your body aren't available in Ohio until Spring.

Very good you're at 64ng/mL now!!

Take magnesium and Vjtamin K2 it will regulate your calcium levels
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