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Vitamin D Deficiency

Wow,what a site after spending lots of time trying to figure out what was going on with me I came across this site. Almost every symptom touches on what I'm expeiencing. I am going to layout some history,symptoms,results of blood work. Hopefully I can better understand whats going on. From what I've read on here though I do agree that there is an underlying condition or disease.
I'm a 45yr old female who is recovery.....meth was my drug of chose. I contrated Hep C in 1997 or 1998. In June of 2008 I had been sober for a 1 1/2 yrs. My gastro Dr agreed to treat me. He perscibed the dual therapy of .05 mico gram of pegulated interferon once a week for 24 wks, also 1800 miligrams of ribaviren daily for 24 wks, later reduced to 1200 miligrams do to hemoglobin results. The first shot resulted in severe flu like syptoms and joint pain undescribeable. Finished treatments in Nov 2007. About 1 1/2 months after treatment noticed joint pain in one or two joints but could explain it away. I then noticed that it was affecting several joint pains(deep ache) changing joints daily then almost all joints........joints I didn't know I had(not really) All finger joints,wrist,elbow,shoulder blade,clavicle,neck,lower back,hips,knees,ankles, and toes. Also had hot flashes where I would actually sweat a little. I also started on sweating upon activity......never used to sweat.........The pain then moved to the area above or below the joint felt like extreme pressure. Incrediable pain at times, brain fog...forget how to spell words....where I put things and get up to get something and forget what I was going to get. I have severe itching in upper arms,lower legs and back on the sides. Finally wen to doctor too many symptoms.........he ran blood work results I'm listing the results so that maybe someone can suggest a test that wasn't done.

Rheumatoid Factor...55.1 High
Hemoglobin 14.0 Normal
Hemogram(blood count) Normal
Sed Rate 9 Normal
TSH(thyroid) 2.37 Normal
Vitamin D no value Abnormal
ANA 0.42 Normal
Albumin 4.1 Normal
Alkaline Phosphatese 115 Normal
Alt 11 Normal
AST 15 Normal
Bilirubin-Direct 0.1 Normal
Bilirubin-Total 0.2 Normal
Total Protein 6.9 Normal
The doctor prescribed 50,000 I/U once a wk for 2 months and then 1,000 I/U daily for 3 months blood checked in 3-4 months. He also made appointment to see rhuematoligist. I've done a lot of reading in this community as well as Hep C community. I think the underlying condition is unknown. I also believe that the ribivirin and interferon could have contributed to my condition as well as the Hep C virus itself.........but then I found this community and there are so many more people who suffer from the same symptoms any imput is very welcome.

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Thanks for writing to the forum!
The only abnormality in the report is high rheumatoid factor.
High levels of rheumatoid factor can be found in severe rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), scleroderma, Sjögren's syndrome, and vasculitis, infections like Hepatitis-C, chronic diseases like tuberculosis, mononucleosis, syphilis, and malaria, leukemia, liver disorders and endocarditis.

People with Hepatitis-C do suffer from generalized fluctuating joint and muscle pain. A nutritious diet, avoiding alcohol and exercising regularly will help a lot in overcoming the symptoms. You could ask a nutrition expert to plan out a diet for you that will not strain your liver and at the same time provide the nutrients in the right amount. A physiotherapist or an exercise trainer can help you plan out an exercise regimen that suits you.

Other than that the treatment you are getting for chronic Hepatitis-C is the approved one.  Your specialist is monitoring you, so you will be fine.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Thank you so much for replying to my post. I spoke to my doctor today he wanted to make sure I got the D2 for my vitamin defeciency and I ask him what abnormal number was he said 9. which I guess is low. I do want to thank you for the suggestions I will consult a nutrition expert and I do walk a lot.

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my name is jacqui i just turned 40 and for the last few years i have been in extremem agony with lots of symptoms tinitus ,bone pain, muscle pain,headaches,stifness al day,tiredness,depresion,restless legs every nite more or less the same time,not bing able to sleep properly,waking up stil tired,day in day out.i also got asthmer. i felt like i was a hypacondriact.
then the doctor started listening and i had blood tests he found out i had vitamin d def he started me on the calcichew they made me ill i suffer from ibs to and endometriosis .
i tryed them for about a month and they made me so ill i had to stop.
they have thought ive had so many dif things they thought i had lupas bcos i had a rash on my face but it was rochae acne.
it seemed like my imune system was breaking down every part of my body ached and throbed.then it was left but the symptoms was geting worse so i went back and got more tests,this time it came back i had anemia to very low iron anemia and normasytic anemia.now at the moment after them thinking i had rhuematoid arthritis of which i had a scan and it was ok im having vitamin d injections once a month and am on iron tablets,and have got to go back to the rhuematology clinic and pain clinic in may.my doctor seems to think i have an inflamation disorder of some sort as wel as everything else bcos my crp and esr was high.im stil in a lot of pain and hope to get some kind of result soon it has taken a long time.i myself think i could have fybromyailgia but they wont confirm anything yet.  
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When you start vitamin d therapy some people will have alot more aches & pains at the start of the treatment that can last for 3 or 4 months unitl you start to feel better. Depending on how deficient you were & how much calcium you lost.
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