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What are the most common symptoms if you are deficient in Vitamin D?

I am in sunlight a fair amount but obviously far less in the winter.  But otherwise, I'm not a big vitamin person, don't take a lot, etc.  How do you know if you are vitamin D deficient besides blood work?  What kinds of symptoms do people have?  What is most often reported?  
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There are lots of symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. Some of them are bone pain, fatigue, muscle aches, muscle changes, mood changes, etc.
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My notable symptoms of vitamin D deficiency...

Constantly having to clear my throat of mucus

Bone pain in my fingers

Poor immune..constantly sick (strep throat to bronchitis)

Low calcium (in particular my teeth turn yellow)

Leg muscle weakness

An easy test for low calcium is the chvostek sign. YouTube has videos on how to test this. My lips twitch like crazy.

I found this article from Dr Steven Lin - Vitamin D deficiency symptoms...

"The 10 most common symptoms of low vitamin D are:

Getting sick easily or often
Chronic pain (often in your bones)
Gut issues
Wounds that don’t heal
Head sweating
Bones that break easily
Hair loss
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Recent studies are questioning Vit D benefit for bones. Here is is one from October but there is some disagreement so it might take years before anyone really knows if this vitamin is useful.
The research, published in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, analyzed data from 81 randomized controlled trials -- involving more than 53,000 people -- that studied whether the over-the-counter supplement helped in fractures, falls and bone density. Most studies included women over the age of 65.
The team concluded that vitamin D does not prevent fractures or falls, or have a meaningful effect on bone mineral density, concluding that there is little justification in taking them to "maintain or improve musculoskeletal health," adding that there is no need for more trials to explore this.
Another anti vitamin D study that has more holes in it than swisse cheese. I had bone pain and muscle weakness and my mother almost ended up in a wheelchair due to leg weakness from vitamin D deficiency.

Excerpt from concerns over Professor raises concerns over flaws in anti-vitamin D study...

“This is a problem because several earlier meta-analyses also showed that where it works, it is vitamin D plus calcium, not vitamin D alone, that reduced fractures and falls,” she said.

“All the results were lumped in together, including studies with high-dose intermittent vitamin D, which has been shown in several studies to have adverse effects on falls and fractures.”

A further limitation of the study was that only four trials were undertaken in populations with a deficiency, where baseline 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations were below 25nmol/L."
What causes you to clear your throat of mucus? I mean, how is Vitamin D correlated?
Immune related I'd say.
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