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Vegetarian with B12 deficiency


I have been a vegetarian for about the last 5 years the same time I started working for a news station early mornings getting very poor sleep. About 5 to six months ago I started to get a tingly feeling in my arm and leg, various muscle twitches, light-handedness, headaches, eye twitches. slight memory loss, trouble focusing. symptoms became less severe as time went on but continued i thought it was MS. I went to the doctor and she thought it was from a slight spine injury. Recently I read about b12 deficiency I started taking it and started feeling better that day, after 5 days my eye twitch/pain is fully gone have way more energy and my left hand feels completely back to normal. I still have a occasional sporadic muscle twitch in my leg or arm.  I now also take a vegetarian formulated multivitamin as well as b12.

Could b12 deficiency be the culprit?

Also as a vegetarian what other supplements should I take and if possible could you point me to some resources?

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Yes this sounds like vitamin B12 deficiency.  The sporadic twitches are myclonic jerks which can take some time to resolve. You are lucky you figured this out when you did. Permanent nerve damage occurs when not diagnosed and treated in time.  

Some essential dietary requirements, which could be missing from a vegetarian diet if it isn’t carefully planned, include:

Minerals (including iron, calcium and zinc)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
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I take Rainbow Light prenatals, it has probiotics in it and its the first non-constipating multi-vitamin I've taken with iron.  I have been a vegetarian for years but lacto-ovo so I eat yogurt, cheese and eggs so that helps with B12 as well.
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