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Are you low on Vitamin C?

If you're wondering if you're low on Vitamin C, here are a few signs to look for: https://www.medicinenet.com/vitamin_c_diet_nutrition_supplements/article.htm

How are you ensuring you're getting the right amount of Vitamin C? Do you take supplements, or change your diet?
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The use of Vitamin C in large doses was popularized by Linus Pauling, but there was no evidence behind it.  Too much of it isn't good, as it's highly acidic.  Too little is a killer.  You know you have too little because you get scurvy.  Orange juice is also highly acidic, so I wouldn't go too far with that.  There are forms of vitamin C that are better than others -- as a supplement you should take it buffered and combined with bioflavonoids, which it isn't very useful without, and take it with a meal, which further buffers the high acidity.  It has no proven effect on colds.  There are many foods high in C -- I think green peppers are one of the highest, if you don't mind eating nightshades with their risk of inflammation, but it's in a lot of foods, and as Mom states, in every multi.  I tend to use more C because combined with quercitin and bromelain it's a good anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine, but alone it doesn't have that effect.  What makes C so important is that it protects other nutrients that are actually much more important from oxidizing, and if you take alpha lipoic acid (found in apples) that protects C from oxidizing, so you can improve your C effectiveness by using that supplement often better than taking too much C, which again, can be too acidic and has no evidence of benefit.  Still, Linus Pauling still has his advocates -- he thought huge amounts of it would cure pretty much everything but it, alas, didn't.  
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That was an interesting article.  While I don't drink much or smoke, that people who do need even more vitamin C than average is something I didn't know!  Will share that info.  I'm happy to say my teeth do NOT look like that up close and personal picture in the article.  :>))  But I always think of calcium for teeth but I guess vitamin C is closely related as well.  We increase our vitamin C in our house when we are starting to feel a cold come on.  Normally we have orange juice here, we do eat broccoli and fruits regularly .  And my multi vitamin has C in it, obviously.  My husband is a C maniac and takes an extra vitamin C tab on a regular basis on top of his other vitamins.  (He has three philosophies he readily shares . . . 1. take lots of vitamin C and you will never get sick.  2. drink water, lots of it.  For anything and everything.  It cures all.  and 3. wear 2 pairs of socks for all exercise.  No idea why he believes that and not asking because if I do, I might have to exercise).  One of my kids is probably the biggest problems with it.  He doesn't drink orange juice on a regular basis.  BUT, if I slip a little 7 UP with it, it makes a delicious drink that he likes.  Still has vitamin C in it, right?  
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