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I take a number of vitamins and supplements for various reasons.  I'm looking for a place online where I can get "pure" vitamins and supplements without a lot of "fillers" and junk.  I'm not sure what all is in the pills I'm taking.  I get them at CostCo and Sam's and such.  I would like the pills I take for my health to be healthy.
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Here's the problem, the best quality supplements are expensive.  The ones you're buying are cheap.  So it depends on how much you want to spend on this and also on what you're taking.  No one company is great at everything -- the more you know about the companies who market supplements, the more you realize each one is good at certain things and not so great at others, or too expensive at some things for what you're getting.  Now, all supplements in pill form are going to have fillers and binders, the capsule or the tablet has to be made out of something.  Which ones are used depends on how much money the company decides to spend on it -- the more you don't want it the cheaper it probably is.  Another factor is where the nutrients are sourced -- really expensive supplements are often expensive because they are very careful about where they get the raw materials for their supplements.  Cheap ones usually just buy on the open market from whoever is wholesaling what they're putting in their supplement and have no input (and don't care) about where it's coming from.  Some sources are a lot more likely not to have contaminants than others, especially with, say, Chinese herbs.  You don't say what you're using.  Some nutrients are only made by one or two places so everyone is buying pretty much the same thing, such as vitamin C and E, but there still can be different fillers and binders and they are still made in different forms, some of which are more like what you find in food than others.  Some companies go very far in trying to make something closer to food than other companies -- Mega Foods and New Chapter are examples of very expensive supplements that claim to have a way of taking an isolated supplement and turning it back into something more like food.  A store that's pretty reliable is Whole Foods, but its selection isn't that great and it does carry discount brands -- if you want pure don't buy discount brands unless they have a really good reputation and that reputation is current.  There are stores online that carry nearly everything you used to find on the shelves of the really good health food stores that Whole Foods and other large chains have put out of business, such as Vitacost and Iherb.  They run a lot of sales that can bring down the price, but you still have to know which brands to buy.  Also generally avoid store brands, again, don't care about the source, only care about price.  Bottom line, to answer the question, one would have to know everything you're taking, because again, there's no one company that's great on everything.  I can pretty much guarantee, though, that except for the most basic of vitamins such as D3, C, and E, and again, even there they come in different forms and only some forms are actually useful, buying supplements at discount clubs won't get you anything of high quality.  They wouldn't know a good vitamin from a bad one, it's not what they do.  
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By the way, I said the companies who market supplements because virtually nobody makes their own supplements.  They tell labs who do this what they want and the labs make it for them.  The best companies hire independent organizations to verify the contents of what they sell.
If you list what you're taking, by the way, I can tell you what the best source might be, but that's assuming I have the time.  Another way to do this is to have a really good small health food store that still exists nearby and has someone working there who just orders and talks to customers about supplements.  These stores pretty much don't exist anymore, though, because even if you find one that looks like a store like that it will have trouble selling the best stuff due to competition from Whole Foods and its ilk.  You can't even trust naturopaths, because they usually sell professional quality supplements which are often neither professional or quality.  It was easier when I used to manage health food stores, because the people who started them back in the 70's never expected to make any money off of it, they were more concerned with the idealism of the 60's.  They all sold those stores years ago or their stores went bankrupt or they got big and copied Whole Foods to survive.  
Thank you very much.  I didn't realize that it was so complicated.  I wish it were easier.  In the end, I will probably stick with what I've got because I don't have the time (or money) to look for the "good" stuff.  Thanks.
I would say, do what you want, but this is one of the biggest problems with Americans today.  We've become easy to fool because we don't focus on important things as much as we do unimportant things.  Putting good stuff in your body is your goal, and to do that, you have to at some point in your life do the best you can to learn which is the good stuff and which isn't.  That includes the purity and quality of your supplements -- at best, poor quality supplements are expensive toilet water; at worst, they can be harmful.  I hope at some point you decide to learn what works best because as consumers, the way we drive the charlatans out of business is to not buy their products.  But all the best whatever you choose to do.  
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