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stopping b12 vitamins

So three months ago I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency as low as 89. I started taking b12 1000mg per day for these three months. I ve been told after the three months to get another blood test to check my status. Four days ago I stopped taking my vitamins and I feel like the symptoms are coming back..or am going through some stressful time about this? So my question is, is it possible in four days of not taking my vitamins to have symptoms back? or is it just my head messing up with me?

I have to be off the vitamins for two weeks. But even the thought of having to go through those symptoms again freaks me out.

I am on a vegan diet
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If you're vegan you should continue B12 period.

I have heard you need to stop to be tested but if you're at 89 I'm confused. Levels to be be around 800. Not sure how fast levels can be raised, but diet is a factor and I'd think your levels would drop with pith the B12.
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Hey and thank you for the reply

It was suggested from the lab that I am off the vitamins for two weeks before testing. To see my levels without any "fake" results due to the vitamin being still there
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Why do you have to be off the B-12 for 2 weeks?  Is there a cause for your deficiency, other than diet?  

Many who are on a vegetarian or vegan diet are deficient in vitamin B-12, since it only comes from animal sources, such as meat, dairy, eggs, etc.  

Since your level was so low (89), 3 months on supplements might not have been long enough to get it up high enough to sustain you for any length of time, so, yes, it's possible that symptoms could come back in 4 days...
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