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Have you tried Matcha Tea?

My insurance company sends me stuff often and a lot of it I'm like whatever. But today's email was on Matcha Tea.  Honesty, I've never heard of it but it seems to be a popular thing these days according to what I read.  Good for lots of health issues and losing weight.

Anyone know about it?  Any experience with it? Is it yet another diet fad?
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This is just a more concentrated form of green tea.  Cha is the Chinese word for tea.  Also Japanese.  (Chai, which everyone thinks is tea mixed with milk, is actually just the Indian word for tea).  Because it's more concentrated it has more of what is good about green tea and also more of what might not agree with you.  Everything has its ups and downs.  So it has more caffeine than other forms of green tea, but more theanine, a relaxant, and antioxidants as well.  If you overdo it, you'll overdo the caffeine and as with anything, you might contraindicate something else you're taking.  It's not a miracle food.  It's a beneficial food.  If you eat collard greens, which are really good for you, you get benefits.  If you eat ten pounds of them, you probably will get a stomach ache.  You might want to look into white tea -- it's said to have an even better antioxidant profile than green tea.
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I find it curious that it made it into my insurance companies mass email.  
That is concerning -- you don't want your insurer to turn into AAA, which constantly sends me advertising.  Is it possible they have a nutrition letter they send around?  I'm on Medicare now, but my wife and I both still have Blue Cross, and they send around a lot of emails with health tips on it.  They offer a discount if you send to them all sorts of personal health info so they can manage it with you, I guess, but my wife and I do not want them to know any more about us than they already do.  
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I'm on Medicare, too, but have a supplemental policy as well.  The company I have my supplement with is always sending me "tips" that are supposed to be healthy also.  I don't know where they get their information or who writes the articles they put in their e-mails because I think they often have information that isn't the best or that might contain "fad" diets, etc.  

Even though information comes from my insurance company, I research whatever I think I might want to try to make sure it has science behind it.
It's kind of sad that it's almost impossible now to avoid having somebody try to sell something to you.  AARP tries it all the time, and I'm not even a member.  My credit union has multiple "partners" that try to sell me insurance of all kinds.  AAA also has multiple partners.  I don't mind someone trying to make a buck, but please don't call me on the phone and please, if you're an organization that is supposed to be non-profit or has a lot of personal info about us such as an insurance company, just do what you do, don't also sell info.  As for science backed, I'm not sure we all know what that really means.  This is an issue I commented on in another forum recently, which is I think we've lost our understanding of what science means.  It doesn't mean truth, it means the search for truth.  But the modern scientific method, while a great improvement on what occurred before, hasn't changed truth any.  We still use the wheel.  We still use fire.  Frankly, we still can't make a pyramid despite our "advanced" science.  The important thing to know is, the brain we have now isn't any better than the brains our ancestors had.  We can't throw out all accumulated knowledge because modern experiments weren't performed.  And just because experiments were performed doesn't make something true, it just means someone did a study on it.  Most of what we know has no modern science behind it.  Unless you have a very technical job, most of what we do and know was learned by our distant ancestors.  The Japanese and Chinese and Indians (from India) knew about the benefits of green tea centuries ago.  They probably had better instincts about such things than we do now -- we're lost in the forest and in nature as far as medicine is concerned and what is good and safe to eat, but they knew pretty well about that.  "Science" has become more of a religion than a real thing nowadays.  Wonderful things can come from it, but mostly failures come from it.  What we think we know is more often not actually scientifically proven, though scientifically researched, but instead is marketing and advertising.  That info and the certainty behind it isn't coming from scientists most of the time, as they know well the limitations of what they do.  Bottom line, everyone, don't throw the baby out with the bath water.  
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I have tried every kind of detox you can think of! Time and time again, they never really worked!
I tied, after much trial and error I found something that really works, so I am very happy!
A little confused.  Green tea isn't a detox.  One shouldn't detox often.  How would you know if it worked or not -- it's something we usually do for prophylactic reasons, so we really don't know if it works or not.  Modern science doesn't believe there is such a thing as detox, by the way, unless you've been exposed to radiation or a toxic chemical that has to be flushed from the system.  They don't see anything in the colon to detox, as it does this every time we go to the bathroom.  I do believe in it, but again, it's not the kind of thing you know if it's worked or not.  Are you talking about going to the bathroom more often?  Are you talking about flushing drugs out of your system to pass a drug test?  Because again, green isn't a detox, it adds nutrients, it doesn't speed them out.  Just wondering.
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I've had matcha tea at a local tea shop (we have some trendy and very involved ones in the Portland area). It's not my fave for flavor, it reminds me of spinach. Not that I don't love spinach, but I don't want it in my tea water.
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