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Im only 14 and im losing and gaining weight easily and im scared i might have cancer i havent been eating alot and i lay in bed alot i just dont want cancer, can someone reassure me and hope i dont have cancer
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I think gaining and losing weight is not a hallmark or symptom of cancer. Please try to take some very small steps towards exercising, even if it is just something very simple like walking around the block. It will help.
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Has anything happened recently to trigger this fear in you?  Has somebody you know gotten cancer?  Have you talked to your parents or your friends or other members of your family about it?  
No one in my family has ever gotten cancer i just think it comes with the fear of dying i cant help it im like emotionally unstable and i have anxiety amd depression. Problems
I agree that gaining and losing weight isn't a symptom of cancer and that getting out and doing some small things might be helpful.

Do you know anyone who has died recently or what may have given you this fear of dying?  Are your parents aware of your anxiety and depression or your fear of dying?  Perhaps you could talk to them about getting some therapy that would help you deal with all three issues.  If you can't talk to your parents, perhaps a trusted relative, teacher, friend or someone else can help you.
No im jsut scared inmight have problems because i could weigh 129 pound then the next day weight 121 and then gain it back i think it might be because i havent been eating breakfast or lunch and when i do its like chips or cereal
Actually, that's very possibly water weight -- you might be drinking more liquid on those days if it's fluctuating that much.  It could also be your scale is broken.  I'm not a fan of scales -- I'm a fan of looking in the mirror and if your clothes still fit.  Weight fluctuates on a regular basis, but if you basically stay the same general weight and look the same, your belly isn't growing, your clothes fit fine, you're probably fine.  The overfocus on weight and death sounds like you're having an anxiety problem, not a health problem, and that's why we keep asking if something happened to set this off.  It's time to bring the adults in on this so you can move on and stop wasting this part of your life worrying.  Peace.
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