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I want to Llosa 63 lbs

2005 I had weight loss surgery and 2007 i was almost died i was spiting up blood my intestine boold was block off cus i had a hernia the size of my fist. my duaghter found me unconscious on my bedroom floor. the doctor sad i was minute from death. so i didnt get to loss all my weight i loss 89lbs '' i was 301lbs now im 263lbs'' i did have the tummy tuck'' that was thirteen pounds gone. i was in a auto accident last summer and hurt my keens the right knee was damage the wrost, thats when i found out i have arthritis in booth knees. but it never give me any problems until the accident.i had arthrscope surgery. did three months of physical therapy.it help some what.so im desperate to loss 63lbs. please help me. i am a very happy 49 year old woman''
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here is a list of good things to do to help loose weight;

1, try to consume less than 1000 calories per day

2, never be hungry, (it will encourage you to eat something unhealthy) so keep lots of fruit near.

3, always eat breakfast, if you measure 40grams of a sensible cerial and add skimmed milk it should come to only 150 cals aprox. the healthiest meal of the day.

4. what ever you choose to have for dinner, halve it and fill the space with salad, (if you can't stand up long enough to prepare it, you can buy it pre-made)

5, steaming food is very healthy, microwave a good second, just always make sure any oil coming out the food has somewhere to go/drain rather than going back into the food.

6, consuming extra fiber is great. the less time food is in the body, the less fat can be absorbed.

7, try to drink extra fluids. water and diet fizzy is great (but fresh fruit juice has a suprising amount of calories), drinking more fluid will help the fiber work and help to stop you feeling hungry.

8, try to keep yourself busy. if you have nothing to do you will spend all your time thinking about the food you shouldn't eat.

everything above has been tried and tested. and when my boyfriend followed all those tips, he lost 30lbs in 9 weeks.

i wish you all the best. good luck.
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