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Sunday Weigh-In August 26, 2018

Good morning... Well, another week has gone by and it looks to be another hot, sunny day in my corner of the world.
Yesterday was our wedding anniversary - would you believe we've been married for 51 years?  When I look at the wedding photos, it's hard to connect the 2 18-year-old kids with the adults we've become.  I would never have imagined all the things that have taken place in the years since that night 51 years ago.  It's kind of mind-boggling when I think back over it all.

Anyway, it's time to get off memory lane and come back to today.  I've been busy this week, but it doesn't really seem like I have a lot to show for it... how does that work?  lol  

I did go back to the eye doctor and although he says my eye is dry and I need to continue using drops to moisten it, the injury is healed and my eyes are otherwise healthy, except for a small cataract in each eye that we will keep an eye on.  I wasn't happy with the eye exam (vision part) I received.  It wasn't done by the doctor; it was done by a technician - maybe they can do that these days, but she said my prescription hadn't changed, though when I received a copy of it so I can get new glasses anyway, it's not the same as my old prescription - not even close.  In fact, it says I have 20/20 vision in my right eye and I know that's not true. It also says I don't have astigmatism; that's not true either as I've had astigmatism since I was a child - they don't miraculously disappear... Another thing was that the vision was not clear in either eye when she was done with the corrections she produced.  When I mentioned that, she said it was because I have cataracts and vision is never clear with cataracts.  I don't believe that, because everything I've read says that vision can be improved with glasses until the cataracts are too large - the doctor had told me just minutes before that my cataracts are small and not large enough to cause a problem yet... Anyway, needless to say, I won't spend money on a pair of glasses using that prescription.  I have an appointment for next week with an optometrist; we'll see if the prescription changes or not... I will then decide what to do about this exam.  

So, that was quite an experience - one I don't care to repeat right away...   :-)

I spent some time in my shop learning how to make ink pens.  I posted some photos if anyone has time to take a look, feel free.  I'm also learning how to do leather work - bracelets, belts, etc. Things to stay busy with and maybe even make a few bucks, at some point.

Weight-wise I've stayed the same. I haven't done a lot in the line of exercise, though I've been trying to start walking a bit more because my winter neighbor will be coming back in a few weeks and we'll start walking most days.  That's usually a couple of miles and I'm too out of shape right now to do that.  I'll need to work up to it.  

My diet hasn't been too bad, but not the best either.  I really need to back on track again, so I'll be working on that, as well. Summer just isn't all that great for me, for some reason.

Anyway... that's me - what about all of you?  I hope you're doing better than I am.  

Today, we're off to have a bit of fun in St Augustine - a late anniversary celebration, so I'm off to get things ready to go.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Happy Anniversary!!  It is so nice to see people that have been married for a long time.  You dont see that much anymore.  People tend to throw in the towel during trying times.  I hope you are enjoying your day together.

I am down 1 lb.  I ate good this week and walked a ton of miles.  

I have to get out and water my plants before the storms hit.  They were looking neglected!!
Thank you Sarah... it hasn't been all sunshine and roses, that's for sure and it still isn't by any means... There are a lot of days, I'd love to throw in the towel, but at this point in our lives, we're so intertwined that doesn't make sense either.  We have had a good day.  We made the drive to St Augustine with no problems (it's only a couple of hours) and are relaxing in the hotel this evening. Tomorrow, we'll see the sights, do some shopping, eating, and hopefully have another good day, then head back home...

Congratulations on your lost pound... I'm sure you sent it down here and it's just waiting to jump on board tomorrow when I eat an extra morsel... lol

I hope your storms aren't too bad/damaging and that your plants appreciated the water...
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I'm still at the house with the imprecise scale, but it looks like I'm down about a half pound. Next week I'll face the music; school is starting so we are going to be back where we live during the school year instead of the rambling family farm, and I'll have to face the music with the decimal tenths of a pound that show on the scale there.

New resolution is to get rid of lots of stuff. My dad's death added boxes of stuff to my house, and my husband's office downsize put decorative items and another desk and another table and chairs in the house, and it's getting crowded for me emotionally as well as literally. My husband suggested selling everything and starting fresh with a new house in our son's new school neighborhood, but I think he's just reacting to the rooms being more full of furniture than they were before, and the garage having lots of boxes in it. The task feels monumental when looked at from this, the starting point. But it might not feel so hard once we get going.  Husband and I made an agreement to clean out one box per day.  I think with some grit (and gritted teeth) we can do it.
I'd take the half pound, proudly - lol  Remember the days when we didn't have scales that gave us tenths of pounds.  We were either up a pound, down a pound or stayed the same... it's too hard to tell for sure.  lol

I know how overwhelming it can get when someone passes on and we have to deal with their things along with our grief.  I had to do that for the Aunt I care for (for 7 yrs) through several falls, breast cancer, and a broken hip/replacement plus the last couple of years she had "noticeable" dementia... It was up to me to clean out her house and decide what to do with all her stuff - what a daunting task.  A friend helped me get the house ready to sell, but 6 yrs later, I actually still have some of her stuff - some on purpose, some not.  

It does get crowded - both physically and emotionally, but it sounds like you have a plan and once we get into the job, it doesn't seem so huge... I wish you good luck with it.
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