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Sunday Weigh-In December 30, 2018

Good morning.  I'm way early this morning (it's only 4:21 am), so I'm not sure what kind of day we're going to have... it's quite foggy right now, so it's anybody's guess what we end up with but I think it's going to be somewhat cloudy most of the day, though temps should be in the low 80's.  

There hasn't been a lot going on here, except Christmas - well, I guess that's a lot, but not really since we only had one "event" that took place on Christmas Eve day and didn't turn out real well. I won't go into all that unpleasantness, but it had to do with our daughter and her being very inconsiderate.  

It's very unfortunate when a gathering gets ruined in spite of your best efforts, but that's the way it goes sometimes.  We learn to take the keep the best of memories of it, along with lessons learned, so the incident doesn't get repeated, then let it go.  Unfortunately, my husband and daughter do, both, tend to hold grudges, so I'm not sure how quickly either will be able to let it go, especially my husband whose feelings were hurt very badly.  Time will tell.

The rest of the week has been busy.  My husband got me a new workbench for my woodworking shop so I had to clear a space for that and we got it put together and I've been cleaning up, sorting out and organizing things.  My shop is quite small and I've accumulated quite a bit of equipment and of course, one can't have too many workbenches.  The nice thing about the new one my husband got me for Christmas is that it has drawers and a shelf for storage, whereas none of my other benches have storage, so that's always been my problem - where to put things so they aren't taking up bench-space!! It's a work in progress because there's never enough storage for all the things one accumulates.

Weight-wise, things aren't going too well... I'm up by almost another pound this week, in spite of my best efforts. I did cook a ham for Christmas, so, of course, there's been a lot more salt than I normally eat which, in turn, causes a lot more fluid retention.  I thought I could counter that by being out in the shop working (exercise), but apparently, that's not as strenuous as going for a walk, etc or maybe it was simply more sodium than my body could handle. I did eat a couple (okay, a few) Christmas cookies, but that was actually before Christmas so I thought those would have come off by now, but of course, with my slug's metabolism, I should have known better...  :-)

I go on Thursday to see my cardiologist about the reflux in the veins in my legs... I know weight loss is going to be the first thing he talks about, besides wearing support stockings, which he's already mentioned. I think I've mentioned before don't mind the support stockings in the winter because I'd be wearing socks anyway, but they're just too hot in the summer and how can one wear support stockings that come to the knee, with a dress?  You can't really, so I'll have to see which direction this issue goes.  

In the meantime, I've got to get back in my "groove" and start getting some of this weight back off again, since I've got 5 pounds to lose to get back to where I was a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving...

So - that's me.  How are you doing?  I hope you had a great Christmas, got lots of cool goodies and were able to, either maintain your weight loss or lose some more...

This will be my last weigh in post for 2018... I'll see y'all next week/next year and I'm confident it's going to go better for me; I hope it does for you, as well.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week and happy New Year~~
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I guess one could wear support stockings with a long dress, but that defeats the purpose of a breezy summer dress unless it is made of voile. I can remember weating knee-high stocking socks with calf-length skirts when I was younger, usually in the winter when the skirts were heavy enough not to blow up and show the ugly wide band at the knee (at least, too often). :)

We're at the farm, box-elder beetles and all (I threw out about ten of them last night, the little invaders). So, my weigh-in is untrustworthy thanks to the rusty old scale. I  think it hints that I've stayed down, cannot tell if it indicates a small loss or that is just wishful thinking, but I'm slightly lighter on it than I have been here at the farm in the past. I might drive over to the little house some morning before eating or drinking and weigh myself, to have a consistent number.

I didn't pig out over Christmas, but did attend four parties featuring meals between the 20th and the 25th,(there were five, but I'd had it by the last one, and took a nap instead).  We're hosting a small gathering on New Year's day, but since I'm cooking, I can avoid the sweets. It's a daytime drop-in affair to watch football and see friends, and I'll serve homemade soup and veggie plates and salad and other healthy stuff. By now people will probably be ready for that kind of menu.

It's sunny here at the farm, if cold, and I'm always glad to be here. Going to sit back a little today before getting ready for the party.

I do have a couple of longer (mid-calf) dresses that I can wear the support stockings with and I even have a pair of stockings that are skin colored and "toeless" so they can be worn with sandals, but they're still hot and itchy in the summer.  I know I'll have to wear them when I travel, especially when flying, etc as the sitting really causes a lot of swelling.

Oh my, I remember the box-elder bugs from when we were in Iowa... I'm so glad we don't have them here and I certainly don't envy you having them.  

Congratulations on staying down and possibly even sporting a small loss.  That's really good with all the parties you've been to, etc.  I don't know how far it is from your other house, but I know if I drove anywhere to weigh myself, I'd gain on the way, even if I hadn't eaten or drank anything before I got in the car to go... I've done that going to the doctor, knowing I'd have to weigh when I got there.  I hope it works for you, though.

Your New Year's party menu sounds perfect and people will probably appreciate that after all the Christmas goodies.  I'm sure most are ready to ditch all the sweets and get back to "normal" eating.  

Enjoy your relaxing day at the farm.  I got into a refinishing project in the shop that's been waiting for me for several years.  It requires removing veneer and I kept putting it off... I need the space in my shop so I'm determined to get it done in the very near future, though it's neither easy nor quick.  I just had to stop for today because my arms got too sore.
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