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Sunday Weigh-In January 20, 2019

Good morning, everyone... I hope everybody is doing well this morning.  It's been raining here overnight, but the storm seems to be passed on through and I think it's supposed to be mostly sunny today, if not as warm as we like it.  It's supposed to get quite cold tonight, though (freezing or close to), so I'll have to make sure I get my most tender plants covered and make sure the windows in the porch are closed, etc.

There hasn't been a lot going on here, except some more disagreements with my daughter which seems to be an on-going thing for now... She's become very unappreciative of help she's received, and is still receiving, and because I don't need the stress brought on by her disrespect, I've decided to simply take a few steps back and rethink my options where she's concerned.  

My husband and I had a nice day trip yesterday - he rediscovered (we'd been there once years ago) a place to buy woodworking "stuff" (tools, wood, kits for various items, etc) and they happened to have something he wanted, so we took off in the morning and made the drive there.  It was only about a 2 hr drive, but it was nice since they've built more/new roads since we were there, which made it all "new".  I didn't buy a lot but I did get a few things I needed and have been intending to order online from a different company; now I don't have to wait for them to ship...

I think I mentioned that my winter neighbor is here, so we've been walking every day - even the days it's been cold.  One morning it was 35° when we went out... doesn't sound so bad, but with the wind blowing, it was pretty cold.  Our route is a little over a mile and although we don't go real fast (I think I've mentioned before that I have a hard time keeping up because her stride is longer than mine), it warms us up fairly well, except it's kind of hard on my feet, due to peripheral neuropathy, but I've been managing fairly well.

I've also gotten my eating back under control "somewhat"... the evening has been the worst.  We eat our main meal at lunch and don't really eat an evening meal because my husband says he doesn't want anything. That works for him, but not for me... My lunch seems to start wearing off between 3:00 and 4:00 pm, so I have a snack to tide me over, but what am I tiding over to since there's no evening meal?  You got it... I end up snacking right on through the evening!!  

I've done better lately - an apple with peanut butter for a snack around 4:00, then either a bowl of cereal with almond milk or something left over from lunch for later on.  Because I also have trouble with acid reflux/GERD, I'm not supposed to be eating within 3 hrs of going to bed, so I'm trying to stop eating by around 6:00 since I go to bed any time after 9:00 pm (I'm up most mornings around 4:00 am).  

Anyway, the minor changes I'm making are all things I had been doing previously when I was actually losing weight until I let myself be cajoled into not doing them anymore, which has happened a few times in the past.  Although I can't put the blame on him, for a variety of reasons, my husband makes any type of controlled eating or exercise plan very difficult to stay on for any length of time.

All of this said, I have managed to lose 1.2 lbs over the past week.  WooHoo!!  Now, if I can just keep up the momentum...  :-)  Actually, at one point, I was down by about 3+ pounds from last week, which we know a fluid loss, not a fat loss... what the heck, I can't even be sure if my 1.2 lbs is a fat loss because it might be back by tonight.  At any rate, I'll take it for right now.  lol

So, that's my story; what about all of you?  How are you doing?  I hope you're continuing to be successful with your efforts, no matter what plan you've chosen to follow.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Up .2 of a pound from last week. I wonder if I blew all the air out of my lungs, instead I would be down .1?  :)

I'm on a new laptop today, my old one was a loaner from my husband (he didn't even want it any more) and the new one is, well, new. But I forgot that the reason I don't see ads on MedHelp is that I downloaded an ad blocker, and then later on when the ads returned (like ink stains showing back up under wall paint) I downloaded AdBlocker Plus. And have been blissfully ad-free since then.

But of course, on the new computer, the ads are back. Possibly they are not so obnoxious? after all, we have a new parent company.  At least this way I can read Business Insider articles and things from Forbes magazine that refuse to deal with me if I have an ad blocker. Memory serves that I really couldn't stand the ads on MedHelp before, but maybe the new owners have more selective taste in who they let advertise. (Ha! ha! ha!) Right now the left column features three men with no shirts at various levels of fat tummy and the right side has "How to Remove Dark Spots." At least they are nominally medical. :)

I can see you aren't real concerned about your 0.2 pound gain... nor would I be, since you could probably lose that by blowing the air out of your lungs.  Oh wait - air is supposed to be weightless isn't it?  lol  

I still have my ad blocker so I've not seen the ads the new owners have decided to put upon us, but you're right, some of the ads the old owners forced on us were downright obnoxious!!  Even with my ad blocker, though I still get to read articles in Forbes, Business Insider and others... they just make me disable my ad blocker when I'm on their sites, but once I've obliged them, they're kind enough to remember it so I don't have do it each time I enter their sites.

Thinking about seeing men with no shirts and fat tummies makes me glad I have the ad blocker...  :-)

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Ooh, in case I didn't get enough of the one about removing dark spots, when I scroll to the bottom, the fat-tummy boys disappear in favor of Vitacost advertisement, but the How to Remove Dark Spots one comes on twice.  :) They're REALLY worried about my dark spots! lol I'm still reserving judgement about whether to download AdBlocker Plus on the new laptop, but this is not encouraging.
The right hand side seems to specialize in fixes for middle-aged women's facial flaws, such as dark spots and wrinkles. Just what I need to see. I'd rather look at the fat-tummy boys, frankly.
It just occurred to me that I don't have an ad blocker on my laptop and I didn't even look at the ads this afternoon when I was on it.  They must not be very noticeable or else I was totally intent on what I was doing.  :-)
Right now I'm being treated to two handsome and understated ads for PayPal. Ads like that are no problem.
I have Ad blocker Plus myself.  Best thing ever; I couldn't live without it.  I also installed it on my husbands laptop for the rare times I use it.  I turn it off when I'm done, as he doesn't like it.  
I'm beginning to remember why I had Adblocker Plus on my other laptop. The ads are getting more flashy.
Hmmm... I may have to disable my ad blocker and take a look at some of the ads you're talking about.  :-)
Sheez, out of the blue yesterday, several ads for Ashley Madison popped up, not four hours after I wrote hopefully that things seemed calmer. I complained about it to Emily, and then loaded AdBlock Plus again.
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